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What is a Chain Drive?

A chain drive is a mechanically operated system that is typically used on conveying systems or in agriculture machinery. The purpose of a chain drive system is to transmit power between parallel shafts and convey materials from one location to another. The actual drive chain is often very flexible and are composed of many links.


What is the difference between a chain drive and a belt drive?

We have the answer for you! Simply put, the main difference between a chain drive and a belt drive is the use of sprockets. 
What is a sprocket?! A sprocket is a toothed wheel that works together with the links of a chain that will be pulled over the wheel as it turns. In food processing facilities where production requires movement and throughput at higher speeds (such as baking tortilla or pita bread).
Want to maximize the life of your conveyer chain drive? Lubricate! Proper lubrication will ensure your chain drive is running properly and smoothly as possible and is proven to extend the life of your chain as well.

Although sprockets are commonly confused with gears, a gear and a sprocket have different intended purposes. A gear is meant to be meshed with other gears, while a sprocket is not. A sprocket's main purpose is for power transmission, while gears are used to transfer motion between machine components.


How Chain Drives Fail?

There are many different reasons why your chain drive might fail. However, fatigue, stretch and wear are usually the major killers of chain drives. Here's our list of the main killers of conveyer chain drives:

1) The Dreaded Debris: Debris or other materials that fall onto your conveyer chain may cause it to wear quicker than usual. This debris can result in chain corrosion which could lead to a failure.

2) Scary Stretching: When a chain drive system is overloaded with tension to the point where it gets stretched or pulled so intensely that it results in a failure.

3) The Cursed Chain Cracks: If some scary stretching has happened on your drive chain, your chain may develop the "Cursed" Chain Cracks! As the chain continues to be loaded repeatedly in tension, your link plates or sidebars may become cracked. The cracks will continue to expand until the chain inevitably breaks.


Want to avoid these chain drive killers? If yes, then lubricate! That's right, don't be shy...apply!

By properly lubricating your chain you will help to potentially extend its life. You'll help reduce the wear of the chain joints, flush out any debris or materials that have fallen onto your chain and avoid corrosion! This will result in a smoother operation and extending the life of your chain drive system.

Does Your Chain Drive Need Additional Lubrication?

Don't wait until it's too late! If your here because you have slacked on keeping up with regular chain lubrication, it's ok, many others are in the same boat as you! However, to prevent issues caused by lack of lubrication, we suggest that going forward you lubricate & do so CORRECTLY! Without proper lubrication, the constant metal to metal contact friction can be very damaging to your chain drive.



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