Are you a loyal Chain Guard customer?  Do you like our products?  If so, we want you to spread the word!

Our referral program rewards our customers for referring their friends & colleagues to Chain Guard.  You will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for every person you refer that places their first Chain Guard order.

You don't have to be a Chain Guard customer to refer someone!  Everyone is eligible to participate in our Referral Program.  You can refer anyone who you think will be interested in our products.

Use our form below and we will tell them that you referred them to us.


Terms & Conditions: This referral program is only available to Chain Guard customers living in Canada or USA .

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How do I join The Chain Guard Referral Program?

Anyone who wants to refer their friends to Chain Guard and earn Amazon Gift Cards can! You can refer someone to Chain Guard even if you don't use/need our products, but know someone who will.

When do I get my Amazon Gift Card?

You will get your $50 Amazon Gift Card 2-4 days after your friend's first order has been fulfilled.  Keep an eye on your inbox!  When your friend places their order, we will send you an email notifying you that your Amazon Gift Card will be sent shortly after their order is fulfilled.

How Many Free Amazon Gift Cards Can I Get?

You can get unlimited amounts of $50 Amazon Gift Cards!  The more friends you refer that place orders, the more gift cards you will receive.  As long as you ensure that each friend you refer has never purchased Chain Guard products before.

What Happens If My Friend Placed An Order Without Using My Referral Link?

In order to earn your Amazon Gift Card, it is important that your friend uses the unique referral link that was provided in our referral email.  This referral link allows us to keep track of who you've referred and if they have placed an order. If a friend who you've referred placed an order without using your referral link, you can notify us by submitting a query here.

What Currency Are The Amazon Gift Cards In?

The Amazon Gift Cards will be in the amount of $50 based on each Chain Guard customer's domestic currency.

My Friend Placed An Order, But I Did Not Receive An Email Notifying Me That I Will Receive My Gift Card.
There could be a few reasons why you did not receive a notification email after your referred friend placed an order. Did they shop using your referral link? Has the friend who you referred placed an order with us before? The friends you refer must shop using your referral link for us to be able to recognize when someone you referred places an order. Additionally, if the person who you've referred has placed an order with us before, they will not qualify for our referral program.

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