Circa 2004....

As an Industrial Gas Technician that focused on combustion systems for industrial wholesale bakeries, one day, I was working on a ribbon burner on a oven that was baking loaves to produce garlic bread.  A Maintenance Manager came over and asked, "do you know where I can get graphite lubricant from?"

I replied, yes, from me! We agreed later that day I would send him a quote. 
So I raced back to the office and (pre-Google) opened a trade directory in an effort to find suppliers of a product called "DAG 2420"; a non-food grade lubricant that is often referred to as simply "Graphite Lubricant".  After finding a vendor, I quoted the bakery.  We got the order and shipped one-gallon jugs of Graphite and we were now in the lubricant business.  Prior to that time, we had never sold lubricant, I thought, how difficult could it be; little did I know how much was involved. 

About a year later...

We decided to stop selling "Graphite Lubricant" (Boron Nitride - click here to learn more about Graphite Lubricants).  Although, Graphite was the most common lubricant being used in bakeries, after in depth research we knew we must be able to supply healthier and safer lubricating products for food grade applications.  

Having a background in the design, manufacture, service, and installation of bakery oven systems, we understood that in the ovens a tremendous amount of air is circulated creating positive pressures and negative pressures.  We also knew that when the graphite was/is heated it turns to a powder, with so much air moving around, we knew that this powder would end up on the products that you and I would eat daily.  Regardless of sales, profit, growth, we just could not consciously sell this product any longer. 

A few years later Chain Guard Industrial Lubricants was born...

We knew that not selling Graphite would hurt the bottom line and that there is more to the lubricant business than profitability.  We decided, that going forward we would focus on providing the safest and most reliable products for food processing facilities.  We created relationships with companies that specialized in food grade lubricants and we were fortunate to work with some amazing people along the way.  The focus shifted to developing food grade lubricant solutions with some of the greatest lubricant blenders in the world.  In addition, we also learned a lot about proprietary blends and product development through a relationship we had where we supported a student led study program; TEAM (Technology, Engineering, And Management) at the Chemical Engineering Department at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada.  

In 2019, we rebranded & changed our name to " Chain Guard Food Grade Lubricants" to better reflect the markets we serve.

We are the small guys, but real people!  We are just a little fish in a big sea of industrial lubricant providers.  We supply a boutique offering of high end lubricating products designed for food processing applications of all types, and more specifically the baking industry.  We understand ovens, we understand the baking process.  Our product offering is simple and all products are food grade.  We created ChainGuard to provide food grade and safe to use lubricating products.

We pride ourselves on providing industry specific solutions rather than a myriad of products to a multitude of industries.  It didn’t take long before clients and vendors started to notice that at ChainGuard, its real people, providing real service with real knowledge on their products and applications.  Today, bakeries and many other food processors of all sizes have come to trust their moving chains, conveyors and systems with ChainGuard products. 

At ChainGuard its not about our stock market listing, our “World Head Quarters” or about pictures of our fancy automated building.  The images you see on our site are of us; real people and not elaborate marketing campaigns.  Our team is real, and available to help you source products for your bakery, beverage, canning, restaurant, institution, or other food related sector process equipment and maintenance departments.

 Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you.  Real people providing real good service.  Give our products and people a try; we will prove ourselves!

O. Adam Bzowski
Founder & Business Development Leader


The ChainGuard Core Values - Click here to see the fundamental beliefs that drive the ChainGuard team.  Our Core Values are the main principles that outline what our team believes in, how we conduct business, how we treat fellow co-workers, clients and vendors. 


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