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We value each photo and video that is sent to us! However, if you are looking to improve your chances that our marketing department will select your photo or video, or want to ensure you earn the maximum amount for your content, here are some tips!

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Tips For Maximizing Your Photo or Video Selection Chances & Earnings


When you're snapping your photos or shooting your video, make sure to consider the lighting in the room. Is it bright enough? Are there any shadows casted on the product, person or machine? If so consider moving locations. Natural lighting is always best, but if there are no windows close by in your facility, get behind a light. When in doubt try the flash!

You will earn more for photos with the Chain Guard logo clearly visible than photos with the logo hidden or turned around. To maximize your earnings try making sure the logo is clearly showing in the video or photo. Further emphasis of the can, pail, drum, tote or cartage could also result in you achieving the maximum content compensation amount.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again! The slightest angle, pose or movement can make all of the difference. Take multiple shots and upload the best ones to our photo & video buying submission form. We allow 10 uploads per submission. Upload the 10 best photos of the bunch to increase your chances of getting your photo used by our marketing department.

If you're taking a shot with a industry professional in it, make sure to capture them in a real life working environment. For Formula 600 selfies or group photos, try to show off your exciting environment or personality in the photo. We encourage creativity and uniqueness with the selfies & group photo categories. It your time to shine!

Try to avoid shaking the camera when taking your photos or videos. If you have a tripod on hand, use that! If not, try placing the camera on a flat surface or attempting to keep a still hand. The clearer the photo, the more you will earn for it!

Submit photos when you receive your order, when you store the lubricant, when you are applying the lubricant, re-applying, finish a can or pail, etc! Submitting different photos or videos at different stages is highly encouraged. It will also increase your changes tremendously at getting your content purchased!



Using a Phone As a Camera? Here's Some Tips For Maximizing Quality


It's a good practice to turn up the resolution on your phone when taking commercial shots. This will help enhance the quality of your photo, which will help your chances of your photo getting purchased by our marketing department.

If you're using a phone to take your videos or pictures, make sure to avoid using the zoom feature. The zoom often diminishes the quality. Instead, take a few steps closer!

We love gridlines! They help ensure that the photo you're taking is straight. A symmetrical photo is an ideal selection for our marketing department. Take advantage of the gridlines on your phone and make sure any lines in the photo are straight.


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