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Chain Guard Food Grade Lubricants Announces The Fourth Winner Of Their $5,000 Giveaway At The International Baking Industry Exposition

September 21st, 2022

Chain Guard® Industrial Lubricants is pleased to announce the fourth and final winner of their $5,000 Giveaway at IBIE 2022. Congratulations to Randolph Samuels from MIWE for winning $1,250!


Our Chain Guard IBIE Team had the pleasure of meeting Randolph during the last day of IBIE 2022. He shared a story that he and the rest of his colleagues from MIWE America came together and agreed to split the winnings if any of their tickets were drawn as the winner. The Chain Guard team believes that good things will happen to those who think positive. Luckily, this theory was proven true when Randolph's ticket was selected from the draw. He split his winnings with his 2 lucky colleagues and all three of them left as the final winners of Chain Guard's $5,000 Giveaway.

Randolph and his colleagues from MIWE were thrilled to have won the fourth and final day of Chain Guard's $5,000 Giveaway. Once again, congratulations Randolph and team! Our Chain Guard IBIE Team was pleased to meet you. Thank you for entering our Giveaway.


About Chain Guard Industrial Lubricants:

Chain Guard® Food Grade Industrial Lubricants specializes in lubricating products. Their current market focus is the furnishing of food grade lubricating solutions to the commercial and industrial food processing sectors.

Chain Guard® Industrial Lubricants is a thriving company that provides food manufacturing industries with superior industrial lubricants, grease, and anti-stick solutions; including high temperature synthetic food grade greases and lubricants.

Our dedicated team will match the appropriate product to meet your demands. We provide excellent service and assure that you won’t be disappointed.
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