Formula 600 Aerosol Spray Lubricant is commonly used in food processing facilities.  There are a variety of different uses for Formula 600.

Just like Clark Griswold in the iconic sled scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you too can get creative with the uses of Formula 600 Aerosol Spray lubricant. However, to avoid the possibility of you getting too creative, resulting in your own personal lubricated super-speed-sled moment, we’ve listed 12 ways we use Formula 600 in our own homes and food facilities!
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12 Uses For Formula 600 You Didn't Know About

*Disclaimer: Be sure to ALWAYS test Formula 600 in a small area when applying to finished areas that are painted or can become damaged.

1. Squeaky Oven Doors

Are you tired of hearing your oven doors squeak?  Does your oven door feel stiff?  Spray a little bit of Formula 600 directly on your oven door hinges, open and close a few times and say good-bye to that annoying sound!  You can also spray Formula 600 on the hinges on your fridge door as well.

2. Prevent Snow from Sticking to Your Shovel

This one’s for our Canadian, North Eastern and Midwestern friends!  Lubricating your sled Clark Griswold style might be a recipe for disaster, BUT what about lubricating your SHOVEL?  Yes, that's right!  You can spray Formula 600 onto your shovel to prevent snow from packing and sticking onto it.  Works great for wet heavy snow.  Be sure to spray both sides before you shovel and you'll be back indoors with a freshly shoveled driveway in no time!



3. Release Stuck or Rusted Nuts, Bolts and Screws 

Use Formula 600 to remove rust and help loosen those rusted and seized nuts, bolts and screws.  If you have a screw or other fastener that won't budge, try applying a small amount of Formula 600 directly onto the screw.  Let the lubricate sit and penetrate for while and give it turn or wipe off that rust.  If it does not loosen, leave Formula 600 on longer and then try again.  It might take a few tries, but Formula 600 is powerful and it should work after a few tries.


4. Lubricate Casters

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to replace the castors on your oven racks, maintain them with Formula 600.  Spraying Formula 600 onto the castors on your oven rack can help prevent wear from the high temperature of ovens, prevent rust and extend their life.

5. Make Opening & Closing Doors and Windows Easier

Spray Formula 600 onto tracks of sliding doors, garage doors and even car windows!  This will help your doors and windows easily glide when opening and closing them.

 6. Keep Sewing Machines Running Smoothly

Lubricating the wheels on your sewing machine can help keep the wheels turning smoothly, which can prolong its life!  This is especially true for industrial sewing machines that are often running frequently for long periods of time.

7. Stop Your Doors from Squeaking

Spray Formula 600 onto your door hinges to stop them from squeaking.  Make sure to spray the lubricant directly on the hinge, to avoid contact with the door's paint.


8. Have Stiff Car Doors?

Spray Formula 600 onto the hinges and latches of your car doors to keep them functioning smoothly and prevent rust buildup.  Be sure to apply the lubricant directly onto the hinge or latch to avoid spraying lubricant onto any other part of your vehicle.  We do not recommend spraying Formula 600 on your car's body, doors or anywhere where there is paint.

9. Keep Bike Chains Running Smoothly

Spray Formula 600 onto your bike chains to help prevent them from rusting and keep them running smoothly.


10. Remove Rust From a Can Opener

Spray Formula 600 onto your rusted can opener, let it sit for a few minutes and then use a wire brush to remove the rust.  Don't have a wire brush on hand?  Try using an old toothbrush instead!


11. Help Custodians Maintain School Facilities

Click here to read our list of 8 different ways custodians can use Formula 600 Spray Lubricant to Maintain School Facilities.


12. Lubricate a Cap of Lubricant Hank Hill Style

We pulled this one right out of an episode of “King of The Hill”.  The main character, Hank Hill couldn't get the cap off a can of lubricant so he pulls out another smaller can of lubricant to lubricate it.  Rest assured, you won’t need to lubricate Formula 600’s cap with Formula 600 in order to get it off.  This one is just for fun!


BONUS: Formula 600 Can De-Ice Your Frozen Mailbox!



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